Stephanie Conduff


Stephanie is Leche Lounge, Inc.’s founder and CEO. She is responsible for the direction of the company and all government contracting. She is an attorney and admitted to practice in Oklahoma, the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, the Chickasaw Nation, Osage Nation, and Cherokee Nation and a few federal district courts. It is from the direction of strong Native women mentors that Leche Lounge, Inc. finds its purpose and place in the market.


Elena Conduff


When she is not working to empower women’s options to breastfeed in the workplace she is chasing down her grandchildren, Emerson and Guthrie, who are the reason to start this entire adventure on their country acreage.


Vanessa Palmeri

head of marketing

NY origins with Oklahoma homestead. Marketing expertise with a flair for creativity outside of convention.  Travel, fitness and arts aficionado with an eagerness to learn and discover new things.  Lover of family and friends with an equally passionate intent to positively serving the greater community.